An Open World Social Network
A new open source social platform built with gamers in mind
What is Tavrn?

Tavrn, a work in progress, wants to create a unique community for gamers and independent content creators (such as developers, streamers, artists) with more freedom than other platforms.

We want to bring together the best community and social features from Twitter & Tweetdeck, Steam, Twitch, and Discord into a connected experience with a focus on sharing media content, powered by and Sapphire. These tools are designed to let gamers find the best independent content, post their achievements, share to build a following, and make friends.

We do this using open standards providing maximum potential for integration with other services. We also provide a large amount of our custom software, we have developed, as open source, so any one can improve it or run their own copy with their own changes.

We wish to stay away from funding ourselves via advertising and prefer to fund ourselves by user payments, so it's the user we're serving not turning the user into a product.

We have a grand vision for Tavrn, and we hope you'll join us as we go towards it.

- The Sapphire Dev Team

One platform, multiple ways to use it

PLEASE NOTE: is in an early development stage. There WILL be issues, downtimes, crashes, incomplete features, etc. Please report all issues you come across to our Tavrn Discord Channel.

Tavrn Tap

Tap is an official web app, based on Slack and Discord for Tavrn and Tavrn Messenger. It's the best way to use Tavrn! Tavrn Tap works in the browser on desktops and mobile devices. Check out the announcement for more information.

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ADN Beta

This is a remade open-source version of, the web microblogging client for Tavrn uses an API that is completely compatible with Beta allows us to access and use Tavrn from the web without much hassle. (Beta is the name of the client, not what version it is)

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Mastodon Apps

Although Tavrn uses a from scratch backend API based on, we made Tavrn capable of communicating with Mastodon clients! Any client (iOS, Android, Windows, mac, Linux, etc) that can connect to a Mastodon instance can connect to by putting as the instance. To sign in, you will need a Sapphire Account so make sure you are signed up first.